Hi! I’m Betty Pfeiffer. Thanks for stopping by.

I worked as a Realtor for almost forty years, in Michigan, California, and Arizona.  Both an agent and a broker in residential and commercial real estate, I served as Director of Relocation for two California companies, and as Vice President–Corporate Business Development for Coldwell Banker in the greater Sacramento area. Retiring in 2006, I decided to write. Since then I’ve authored a number of magazine articles, including one in Forward in Christ, as well as my two books, Driven and Who’s Got Dibs On Your Kids?                                                             

My writing career started with feature articles in Odyssey Magazine, a science magazine for children ages 9–14. A trip to the hill country of Thailand where I met a Hmong pastor and his wife diverted my focus. Their story of a dangerous escape from Laos after the Vietnam War was so compelling I had to let others know of their courage. It became the book Driven.

I was once asked what was the craziest thing I’d ever done. I thought about it for a while and focused on some of my memories.

Maybe it was parasailing in Mexico when I relied on a couple of guys in swim trunks playing Frisbee on the beach to give me a signal to pull the cord that would drop me on the sand rather than on a hotel rooftop.

Or maybe the ultralight flight over the Caribbean, which is essentially flying with a few pieces of pipe holding the seats and the lawnmower engine together.

Then there was climbing up the rough, dilapidated, stonework to the top of the pyramid at Chichen Itza, only to discover there was a far easier, fully restored side. Well, that was more ignorance than crazy.

So what made me get so serious I wrote a book about how your kids are being led away from almost everything you hold dear? When writing for children, time after time my research showed some important facts weren’t covered at all, some material contained half-truths, and others were flat-out lies. Talking to parents made me realize most had no idea how their kids were being brainwashed and led into lives in direct opposition to the word of God. The result was Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids?

Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids? demonstrates how educators’ idea of critical thinking is to always agree with them. Readers will discover that what kids are taught in public school is often designed to take them on a path away from God. A multitude of entities (that I call Pied Pipers) are eager to lead the kids astray.

Parents will also learn how to check if these practices are true in their school, ways to opt-out of student data collection and classes that are in opposition to their beliefs, and then work with others to make changes. Best of all, readers will find support for their efforts from Holy Scripture.

The latest news about the continuing battle will be posted on this blog. I expect to post at least once a week, possibly more, depending on what events are happening. I’ll post both the actions of those “Pied Pipers” as well as the work being done to oppose them.

My husband, Rich, and I have lived in the metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Dallas, Detroit, and Sacramento; we now are settled in Arizona.