Back-to-School: Getting Ready

Back-to-School Time

It’s back-to-school time. Where did the summer go? Whether you have your first child starting kindergarten or a whole crew, you’ve probably started making a list of what needs to be done. New clothes, crayons, pencils, notebooks, haircuts. Decisions: Drive or ride the bus? Pack a lunch or eat in the school cafeteria? Are new rules needed for homework, bedtime, social media, extra-curricular activities? Wow, there’s a lot to do!

Hang on, because I’m going to throw some more at you. You’re probably familiar with the plethora of forms that come home for you to sign. They maybe about school health responsibilities, school policies, field trips, on and on. Here’s what you need to know and do (or not do) with those forms.

• Pay attention to them.
• Don’t ignore them or let them get lost.
• Don’t sign one unless you know exactly what it is you are agreeing to.
• Be sure your kids bring home and hand to you every form they’re given at school.
• Be aware some may need you to write an extra note above your signature.

Read all forms carefully and ask for “opt-out” forms

Why am I sounding so serious about those pesky forms? It’s because a lot of kids have been hurt by a parent’s innocent permission given to the school.

Read the forms you are provided regarding health care very carefully. You don’t want to think you are giving the school nurse permission to provide an aspirin for a headache when you are in fact giving the school carte blanche discretion regarding any health matters. Just such a form was used by a school to help a girl obtain an abortion, completely without her parents’ knowledge, much less approval.

Another instance is the case of a Minnesota school district providing sex change treatment for a seventeen-year-old male student without informing the mother.

Making a decision about field trips used to be a breeze. “Hey Mom, we going to ________(fill in the blank,) Here’s a form for you to sign. You sign it and mark the date on the calendar. In today’s world you’d better ask a few questions about where the kids are going, and what’s going to happen. Some field trips have been to an Islamic mosque where the girls had to wear the Muslim head covering and all had to kneel in the prayer position before “Allah.”

Are your kids in an extra-curricular performing arts program at school? Keep an eye on the choices of material. The Pioneer Valley Performing Arts (PVPA) School in South Hadley, Massachusetts was deluged with complaints when parents and others in the community-at-large learned the play The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told would not be a take-off of The Greatest Story Ever Told, but rather a lampoon of Genesis—the story of Adam and Steve.

While many schools used to make an opt-in form available, few now use anything but the opt-out form. That means if you don’t keep an eye on what you’re giving permission for, you will not have your complaints given much consideration if something is offered that you find offensive. And many times if you don’t get the form back to the school by the required date, the school has the right to make the assumption that you don’t wish to opt out.

Also keep your eye open for “special” days such as “Pink Shirt Day” that supports homosexuality, “Coming Out Day” promoting gay and lesbian ideals, “Earth Day” that promotes the green agenda and worship of Mother Earth, also known as Gaia.

Earth Day

That last one, “Earth Day,” may be a surprise that it is something to be concerned about. That’s probably because you aren’t aware of what your kids are being taught about this at school. The website “All for Gaia—Earth Day and Total Transformation” says”

In our contemporary era, Earth Day has become the modern celebration of Gaia. Partakers of this event, whether aware of it or not, play off the ancient pagan beliefs of a Universal Mother. Like the sacred oaths taken in her name, today’s Earth Day celebrants sign environmental petitions, make pledges, and announce resolutions in support of Mother Earth. And like the old sacrifices to the deity, today’s Earth Day practitioners offer sacrifices of “good works” to the planet. Not only is the Earth a deity to be venerated, but the Earth itself – as the representative and embodiment of the Goddess – has become a modern day idol.

That website also contains a quote from the blog of John Kerry, former Secretary of State that reads:

Earth is more than just a spaceship. She is our Mother. She gave us life. There is nowhere else to go but to stay and love her.

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